How Will Your Child Remember Their Time in Youth Sports?

Posted by Tim Nash on May 23, 2018 9:45:32 AM

Old sayings have merit. If they didn’t, people would have stopped repeating them long before they became old sayings.

And the adage that every youth sports coach wants to coach a team full of orphans is certainly grounded in some truth.

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I Say Yanny, They Hear Laurel

Posted by Tim Nash on May 17, 2018 10:14:31 AM


A month or so ago, I started asking parents what they wanted from their child’s coach and club. One parent had a simple answer that seemed like a good guideline for coaches to use when working with kids.

“I want a coach who can relate to my daughter in a way she can understand,” said one mother.

Makes sense, I thought. That shouldn’t be hard to do. But now this whole Yanny vs Laurel thing comes up, and I wonder what they actually hear when I speak.

If you haven’t heard of Yanny and Laurel, it’s a recording that has caused the internet community to freak out. It debuted on Snapchat Tuesday and was viewed 18 million times by Thursday morning. The recording says a word. Some people hear Yanny and others hear Laurel. It has something to do with pitch and how it is interpreted differently by different people.

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Why Kids Get Burned Out

Posted by Tim Nash on May 9, 2018 8:06:08 AM

By Tim Nash

Burnout is one of those words we choose to use when we feel like exaggerating, or when we need an excuse.

Are you really burned out on a type of food, a television show, or maybe a sport? Or have you just spent an inordinate amount of time on it lately? Does a busy day really burn out kids to the point where they turn down an invitation to a social or sporting event by saying, “No, I’m burned out?” Or they just tired?

Burnout, however, is a real concern among young athletes. It’s cited as the reason kids stop trying, under-perform and quit altogether.

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How Do I Communicate With These Kids?

Posted by Tim Nash on May 1, 2018 9:24:49 PM

Millennials are an easy target for criticism. They’re lazy, we say. They’re needy, antisocial, self-centered, entitled.

But there are at least two sides to every Millennial.

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Coaches and the Seduction of Certainty

Posted by Tim Nash on Apr 26, 2018 11:10:01 AM

I came across a phrase the other day that caught my attention, and it got me thinking about a trap into which coaches easily fall.

After a little bit of success, loosely attributed to some correct decisions, coaches can start feeling pretty good about themselves. And that’s the point where the coach is susceptible to falling victim to the condition I read about. It’s called “The Seduction of Certainty.”

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How Objective Data Can Change the Player-Coach Relationship

Posted by Tim Nash on Apr 18, 2018 1:09:06 PM

There are 28 different categories for which a women’s soccer player at the University of North Carolina receives a score – every day, in practice and in games.

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Tell Me Your Name and What You're Good At

Posted by Tim Nash on Apr 12, 2018 10:19:29 AM


Earlier this week, the 14U girls soccer team I coach had a very unique experience. Lauren Gregg, who served as the assistant coach with the U.S. women’s national team for 12 years, trained them.

Naturally, any time your team can have access to a high-level coach, your players are going to get a lot out of it. But the experience for the girls – and for me -- was even better than I thought it would be.

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Are Your Leaders Leading?

Posted by Tim Nash on Apr 4, 2018 8:41:41 AM

The hiring process in a business is pretty clear-cut. There’s an opening that requires a certain set of skills. Qualified candidates apply, and the person deemed capable of doing the best job gets the position.

In youth sports organizations, the process can be upside-down at times. When a club needs a coach, the search begins. The club tries to get the best coach available. Adding non-coaching duties to a job description is a common way for clubs to increase the salary of quality coaches.

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Stop Guessing And Start Tracking

Posted by Tim Nash on Mar 29, 2018 9:14:00 AM

One of the best questions you can ever ask is “Are there any questions I didn’t ask that I should have?” After all, you want to be sure you get all the information you need, right?

Asking questions is an art form and an essential part of problem-solving, which as you surely know is one of a coach’s most important jobs.

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Your Club is a Business, Treat it that Way

Posted by Tim Nash on Mar 23, 2018 10:55:21 AM

In 2013, ESPN looked at the exploding youth club sports landscape and came to this conclusion: “Youth sports is so big that no one knows quite how big it is.”

While ESPN was stumped by the sheer number of players involved in youth sports, last year a study by WinterGreen Research published in Time Magazine determined it was a $15.3 Billion industry and rapidly growing.

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