Gaining A Competitive Edge With Sports Tech

Posted by Tim Nash on Aug 1, 2017 9:01:29 AM

An article in Forbes magazine, begins by telling us, “(The) decreasing margin of error in sports is causing athletes and teams to scramble around to seek out ways to gain an edge—as slight as it may be—over their competitors.”

Finding that edge, that little bit extra that will help make the difference between winning and losing, is, of course, difficult. There are so many variables that coaches often don’t know where to start.

But technology is where many are focusing their hunt, and when they narrow the parameters of their search they settle on three important areas – performance, organization and communication – that, if mastered, will provide an edge.

And that’s why more and more coaches and teams are turning to DRIVN’s mobile app.

Performance: There are countless elements that affect performance, some we know about and some we probably haven’t discovered yet. Among the crucial components of performance identified by sports scientists – other than technique, of course -- are fatigue, fitness, rest, sleep, and nutrition.

DRIVN’s trackers provide a method of recording, saving and viewing important information pertaining to those vital elements. Darcy Norman is the Director of Performance at Italian soccer club AS Roma and is a DRIVN user.

“DRIVN makes it very simple because all the players can be responsible for their own data, or the coach can enter data for each player,” he says. “Then you have that data in one place that you can always reference. With the trackers and the data sheets in DRIVN, you can look at that data and refer to it any time to you have an issue.”

GeorgiaSouthern.pngOrganization: Having everyone understand what’s going on, what’s coming up, and what the plan is for the season can help players develop, improve and peak at the right time. To accomplish all that, everyone needs to be in sync. DRIVN gives every player and coach a personalized calendar. The player’s entire calendar includes their personal schedule and appointments along with the team’s schedule of games, meetings and practices. A coach or administrator can easily change one player’s calendar or everyone’s calendar.

Communication: Oddly enough, communication is one of those things that people talk about more than they act on it. Everyone will say communication is key, but few do anything to actually improve it. One reason is that it’s not easy to effectively communicate with each and every player because there are so many different methods to do it. Email may work for some, while text messages are preferable to others. Then there are the various social media platforms.

DRIVN’s chat feature replaces all other methods.

“When a kid texts me, I only respond through DRIVN,” says John Marinelli, a high school football coach in Connecticut responsible for varsity, JV, sophomore and freshman teams. “They know that’s the only way I’m going to communicate with them.”

Find out more ways DRIVN can give you an edge this season by scheduling a demo.


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