How Do I Communicate With These Kids?

Posted by Tim Nash on May 1, 2018 9:24:49 PM

Millennials are an easy target for criticism. They’re lazy, we say. They’re needy, antisocial, self-centered, entitled.

But there are at least two sides to every Millennial.

For instance, according to Psychology Today, they are more determined to make personal improvement than those who like to call Millennials “America’s Worst Generation.”

Among the reasons Millennials are bent on improvement are possibilities and expectations. Millennials have grown up being told – and in many cases witnessing – that anything is possible. They see an abundance of career possibilities, have access for an endless supply of information sources, consumer goods, diets, physical fitness options, and countless other improvement tools.

And with possibilities come expectations. Psychology Today writer Caroline Beaton writes, “Our impractical expectations coupled with our realistic, or even overly critical, self-assessment produces a gap between how we’re doing and how we think we should or could be doing. Our unmet ambition fuels our self-improvement fixation.”

How many times over your coaching career have you had a group that is so focused and determined to improve? So, the question is how do you take advantage of this need to improve?

Here’s a hint: Business Insider reports that “according to a Nielsen survey, millennials cited technology use as the most defining characteristic of their generation, over other factors like music, pop-culture consumption, and liberal mindset.”

And we all know their preferred method of technology, right? Nielsen tells us that 83 percent of a Millennials sleep with their phones within reach. Thirty-two percent admit to using their smart phones in the bathroom. And it’ll come as no surprise that text messages are by far their favorite communication tool.

It should be obvious by now that a comprehensive mobile app is crucial to tap into Millennials’ need to improve. DRIVN is a mobile app can give Millennials everything they need to improve – state of the art communication channels, calendar, data trackers, PDFs, video, file storage and a flexible platform for personalized use.

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