Reaction Time is Trained by Experiences

Posted by Tim Nash on Feb 7, 2019 8:47:35 AM

So I have this great book that I pull out every once in a while. It’s called Sports Illustrated; Fifty Years of Great Writing.

I picked it up the other day and opened it o an old article about Yogi Berra, the New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher and world-famous malaprop philosopher. Famous quotes attributed to Berra are somewhere between idiotic and genius. “No one goes there anymore. It's too crowded” … “Be careful if you don’t know where your going. You might not get there,” and “The Future ain’t what it used to be.”

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Be Specific When Setting Goals

Posted by Tim Nash on Sep 26, 2018 8:45:43 AM

You know what’s interesting? Watch a group of 12- and 13-year-old female soccer players go through a goal-setting session.

There was roughly 50 of them in a conference room which was not built with acoustical quality to match the high-pitch decibel level girls can reach. Once they quieted down, however, they were (mostly) all business.

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Attitudes are Contagious; Catch a Good One

Posted by Tim Nash on Sep 19, 2018 11:42:06 AM

Researching mental skills of elite athletes prodcues several qualities associated with psychologically strong athletes.

Confidence, ability to manage emotions, self-motivation, use of imagery, and the ability to focus.

And one of the most valuable qualities is the ability to maintain a positive attitude. Is attitude something that separates the mediocre players from the great ones? Alone, no. Combined with other positive qualities, yes.

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Time for Improvement

Posted by Tim Nash on Sep 5, 2018 9:49:20 AM

For a lot of teams, the season is just getting underway. You’ve probably played a game or two, maybe more, and your performance falls into one of three categories.

  • You were good, but there’s room for improvement.
  • You were okay and need to improve in several areas.
  • You were horrible and need to get better fast.
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There's No Success Without Failure

Posted by Tim Nash on Aug 16, 2018 8:25:22 AM

How did you fail today?

Ask your players that question. It can be a useful and entertaining exercise. It might take a while for some players to open up and admit their mistakes, minor humiliations, and embarrassing moments. And you might have to admit a failure of your own to get things rolling.

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How Will Your Child Remember Their Time in Youth Sports?

Posted by Tim Nash on May 23, 2018 9:45:32 AM

Old sayings have merit. If they didn’t, people would have stopped repeating them long before they became old sayings.

And the adage that every youth sports coach wants to coach a team full of orphans is certainly grounded in some truth.

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Tell Me Your Name and What You're Good At

Posted by Tim Nash on Apr 12, 2018 10:19:29 AM


Earlier this week, the 14U girls soccer team I coach had a very unique experience. Lauren Gregg, who served as the assistant coach with the U.S. women’s national team for 12 years, trained them.

Naturally, any time your team can have access to a high-level coach, your players are going to get a lot out of it. But the experience for the girls – and for me -- was even better than I thought it would be.

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Stop Guessing And Start Tracking

Posted by Tim Nash on Mar 29, 2018 9:14:00 AM

One of the best questions you can ever ask is “Are there any questions I didn’t ask that I should have?” After all, you want to be sure you get all the information you need, right?

Asking questions is an art form and an essential part of problem-solving, which as you surely know is one of a coach’s most important jobs.

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Your Club is a Business, Treat it that Way

Posted by Tim Nash on Mar 23, 2018 10:55:21 AM

In 2013, ESPN looked at the exploding youth club sports landscape and came to this conclusion: “Youth sports is so big that no one knows quite how big it is.”

While ESPN was stumped by the sheer number of players involved in youth sports, last year a study by WinterGreen Research published in Time Magazine determined it was a $15.3 Billion industry and rapidly growing.

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Coaches Who Yell Haven't Prepared Their Players

Posted by Tim Nash on Feb 13, 2018 11:46:14 AM

A mom once told me that her daughter performs best when she is yelled at by the coach.

I told her, “Well, I won’t be doing that.”

She went on to give some examples of coaches who yelled at her and how it seemed to work, or something like that. I wasn’t really listening. My mind was occupied imagining what a miserable experience this girl must be having with soccer.

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