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Are You Really Teaching Life-Lessons?

Player Development in the Old Days

Goal-Setting for Young Athletes

Re-storing Confidence in Your Players

Fresh Brains Make a Difference

Can Fools Be Successful?

Monitoring Concussion Recovery

Reaction Time is Trained by Experiences

Championships Are Not Accidents

Avoiding Burnout

Tired Brains Equal Poor Performances

How to Eliminate Whining Within Your Team

Is Your Organization Retaining Players?

How Do You Measure Success?

Einstein's Advice for Coaches

Developing Tools to Combat Chaos

How Data Can Change the Player-coach Meeting

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Communicating with 'Kids These Days'

Combining Data and Intuition

Go from 'I Am' to 'We Are' in One Simple Step

Are You Keeping Up with Changing Technology

Should We Stop Telling Players to Relax?

Elite Athletes Track Their Sleep. Shouldn't You?

Let's Admit When We are Wrong

Be Specific When Setting Goals

Attitudes are Contagious; Catch a Good One

Lawnmower Parents Hurt Player Development

Time for Improvement

Helping Athletes with Confidence

Is Your Communication An Illusion

There's No Success Without Failure

They Are Fit, But Are They Fresh?

Circling in on Dominance

What Did You Do Today to Reach Your Goal

Are You Evolving?

Gymnast's Focus: "Train, Dominate, Repeat"

How to Avoid Paralysis by Analysis

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How DRIVN Can Help You Teach Life Lessons

DRIVN Checks the Boxes of What Clubs Need

No Need to Jump to Conclusions Anymore

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I Say Yanny, They Hear Laurel

Why Kids Get Burned Out

How Do I Communicate With These Kids?

Coaches and the Seduction of Certainty

How Objective Data Can Change the Player-Coach Relationship

Tell Me Your Name and What You're Good At

Are Your Leaders Leading?

Stop Guessing And Start Tracking

Your Club is a Business, Treat it that Way

Parents to Coaches: Remember, the Kids are Watching

20 Years After Winning Gold, DRIVN's Marketing Director Celebrates USA Hockey's Olympic Feat

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The 4-Minute Mile and Player Development

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Let's Talk About ACLs - Part Two

Two Simple Things That Can Help Prevent ACL Injuries In Female Athletes

Let's Talk About ACLs

This Small Change Can Help Your Athletes Reach Their Full Potential

Two Sides To Fatigue

Coaching Through A Growth Spurt

Burnout: Why It's Something To Worry About

Replicating Routines Without Superstition

Tracking & Reporting: How To Manage Your Team's Injuries

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Time To Toss That Mental Checklist

A Simple Way To Stop Your Team's Whining

How To Become Somebody

The Whole New World Of Social Media

The Beauty Of Failure And Why You Should Celebrate It

Simplifying Travel For Your Team And Their Parents

The Intersection of Sports and Arts

How To Escape The YouTube Loop

The Impact Of Quality Team Communication

What To Do When Data Becomes Overwhelming

Stop Telling Your Players To Be Accountable

Are You Edu-taining Your Team?

The Circle Game: A New Way To Measure Accountability

Why It's Essential To Keep Up With Changing Technology

Your Bulletin Board Isn't Working

The Next Step In Goal Setting

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Two Ways To Use Stats

How To Revamp Your Team's Chemistry This Season

Why You Don't Need That Peak Performance Calendar Anymore

Data Tracking: Not Just For Coaches

Become A Great Coach With One Tool

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Coaching Effectively With Video

Get Results With Targeted Communication

Drive Accountability In Your Athletes

Are You Helping Your Athletes Improve?

Gaining A Competitive Edge With Sports Tech

Six Annoying Tasks You Don’t Have to Put Up With Anymore

Six Books Every Coach Should Read

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Ten Quotes To Help You Find Your Better

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Data: The Key To Improving Sports Performance

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