Are You Keeping Up with Changing Technology

Posted by Tim Nash on Oct 25, 2018 10:42:24 AM

Just when you think you have a handle on the most recent technology, it changes. Just when you have almost perfected a method of communicating with your team, a better way comes along.

You might want to ask yourself this question – “how long will the app I’m using now be relevant?”

What you need is not just an app, it’s a mobile platform that can keep up with the future and be configured to meet your needs, whatever they may be a year or two from now.

That’s DRIVN.

“DRIVN was built as a platform, instead of as an app, to do a specific thing,” says Mike Gosselin, Director of Business Development at DRIVN. “It wasn’t built to solve A and B. It was built to solve A through Z.

“If we built an app, it would do these five things. If you want it to do a sixth thing, we need to build a new app. Everyone has their own way of doing things, so we built the platform so it was able to meet the needs.”

One of the reasons for the constant upgrading of technology is the changing characteristics of each generation. Countless studies are conducted to tell us the best way to reach, motivate and inspire the current generation, which the clever generation-namers call Millennials.

Studies tell us that through their lives, we have convinced Millennials they are special, more likely to achieve the American Dream than those that came before them. They are confident, over-scheduled, and more sheltered than previous generations.

Millennials are also very tech-savvy and won’t put up with sub-par apps for long. But they are also team-oriented and highly focused on achievement.

Because Millennials are the most interconnected generation yet, they have strong team instincts and prefer groups or teams to individualism. And because they feel confident and uniquely special, they put a high value on achievement.

Now there’s something we can work with.

Coaches can use those positive characteristics to create a strong sense of bonding within the team. To accomplish that, coaches have to first convince Millennials that improvement is a process that doesn’t happen as quickly has anyone wants. They need to help the players map out a long-term plan, with goals or benchmarks along the way to ensure success.

Remember, this generation is impatient and wants success, two characteristics that don’t usually mesh well. So a plan needs to contain small, reachable goals that are steps to the larger goal.

Goal-setting is a valuable feature of DRIVN, which we wrote about here. By using DRIVN’s flexible calendar app, you – or your athlete -- can easily set tasks, benchmarks, and reminders for any individual or group. You can also monitor and adjust the plan as you see fit.

Or, you can tap into Millennials’ desire to be a part of a team or group and set goals for a group, which can use the Chat feature to hold each other and encourage each other.

See for yourself what is possible with DRIVN with a free demo.


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