The Number Of Apps Your Team Needs To Succeed

Posted by Tim Nash on Nov 28, 2017 11:08:00 AM

There are 3.3 million apps in the Google Play store, and there’s probably that many people in the world with an idea for another one.

The question is, how many apps do you need to make your team or organization more efficient? The good news is the answer is one.

DRIVN is uniquely qualified to do everything a team needs. For a sample of what it can do, watch a six-minute video.

There’s a simple reason why DRIVN is the only piece of technology you need.

“The platform that DRIVN sits on top of is highly configurable, and that’s the way it was built,” says Mike Gosselin, Vice-President of Business Development at DRIVN. “It was built so you could API (Application Programming Interface) information in and API information out in all aspects of the platform. It was built as a platform instead of as an app that does a specific thing.”

The idea was to build a platform that was flexible enough to adapt to needs and wants of the customer – who in this case, is a coach or leader of a sports team, business or organization.

“For example, chat wasn’t built so you could send messages to your team. It was built so it can be completely configured based on the needs of a specific team, organization or company,” says Gosselin. “Do you want attachments? Do you want reminders? Do you want video?

“If we built an app, it would do these five things,” says Gosselin. “If you want it to do a sixth thing, we would need to build a new app. It wasn’t built to solve X and Y. It was built to solve A through Z.”

Gosselin spends a great deal of time interacting with DRIVN customers, listening to what they want, how they use the platform, and discussing ways to improve it.

Image-1.jpgBy working with a wide variety of clubs with different needs, and talking to a diverse group of coaches and directors who want to ask different questions and gather different information, it opens more possibilities for every club using DRIVN.

“With a platform, we have something that we can configure and change on the go for both mobile and desktop,” says Gosselin. “It can change and develop when you change and develop.”

The next question is, how many apps would you need to do what DRIVN does? You need one that handles internal communication, you need an interactive calendar, and something that can handle and store video, PDFs, excel, and other documents. Then you need one that tracks performance, wellness, nutrition, fitness, fatigue -- and has an algorithm behind it to analyze the data -- and countless other things that will come soon after someone asks for it.

“Everyone has their own way of doing things, so we built the platform so it is able to meet those needs,” says Gosselin.

If app development continues at the rate established over the past four years, there will be 575,000 new apps this year. For your team, however, you only need one.

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